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July 4, 2012

Mark Leary

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We have just received a copy of Mark Leary’s Ferry Journey’s book in the office. A series of fifteen Ferry images shot around the UK. Looking forward to showing it off at our upcoming folio appointments!


To view more of Marks work visit – http://www.swerverepresents.com/


June 7, 2012

Production Paradise – London Showcase

Swerve is featured in the latest Production Paradise London Showcase


Production Paradise _ London Showcase, June 2012

To view the entire piece, click on the link below.



May 28, 2012

Rooney – more moving stills

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May 22, 2012

Rooney – Moving Stills

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May 16, 2012

Mark Leary – Mugga

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Mark Leary ‘Mugga’ shots!

Commissioned by BBDO Warsaw

© Mark Leary


© Mark Leary


For Mark’s full portfolio visit: http://www.swerverepresents.com/

May 10, 2012

Paul O’Connor

Extremely cute!…New personal work by Paul O’Connor.

© Paul O’Connor


© Paul O’Connor


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April 30, 2012

Malou Burger – The Sunday Times Style (Sunday 29th April 2012)

Malou Burger’s mouthwatering food photography was featured in The Sunday Times Style magazine yesterday with an article from Rosie Sykes for thekitchenrevolution.co.uk.


© Malou Burger

To view Malou Burger’s photography visit our website, http://www.swerverepresents.com

April 5, 2012

Rooney – Easter

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© Rooney


© Rooney

March 20, 2012

David Sykes – Cadbury’s

David Sykes was recently commissioned by Fallon to shoot this eye catching new ad for Cadbury’s, Dairy Milk.

What would you write to support team Great Britain….?

© David Sykes


To see more of David’s work go to: http://www.swerverepresents.com/

March 15, 2012

Peter Lavery – St Pancras Renaissance Hotel

Peter Lavery was recently asked by Manhattan Loft Corporation to create the art for The St Pancras Renaissance Hotel. Having  the freedom to create individual pieces for each area of the hotel – the theme Peter used was ‘time and travel, journeys between past and present,’ to create several beautiful images throughout the hotel. The images in the ground floor are life-sized portraits of ‘Victorian staff.’ The mezzanine level and two other floors feature time warp views of London, focusing mainly  on rail travel.

On each floor the bedrooms and bathrooms have a different theme but all relate in someway to the hotels past or to travel in general.

© Peter Lavery

© Peter Lavery

© Peter Lavery

© Peter Lavery

For a full view of Peters work go to: http://www.swerverepresents.com/

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